Stakeholder Engagement


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  • ESG Management
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  • Stakeholder Engagement

We place great significance on our corporate activities and relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, clients, employees, and local communities. We believe in mutual influence and strive to collect various opinions through stakeholder communication channels. We actively respond to major issues and demands, and through continuous stakeholder communication, we have built solid relationships of trust. We value our stakeholders' opinions and use them to continue our sustainable management activities.

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Evaluation target Key issue Communication channel
hexagon icon Clients
  • Client management system
  • Enhancing product quality
  • LX Semicon homepage (frequent / promotional)
  • Semicon In US (frequent / promotional)
  • Product / service complaint report / services (frequent / quality)
hexagon icon Shareholders&Investors
  • ESG issues
  • Financial information
  • BOD composition and shareholder status
  • Disclosure of performance on homepage (regular / finance)
  • General shareholders' meeting(regular / financial)
  • Business / Operation Report(quarter, semi-annual, annual / financial)
  • Sustainability Report (annual / external cooperation)
hexagon icon Employees
  • alent recruitment and development
  • Employee competency development
  • Childcare leave
  • Security awareness management
  • Grievance handling for employees
  • In-house online bulletin board (frequent / HR)
  • Training on information security and personal information protection(regular / information security)
  • Employee survey (regular / HR)
  • Employee newsletter(regular / PR, organizational culture)
  • Intranet, Whistleblower Channel (regular / Ethics Office)
  • Online learning platform (regular / talent development)
hexagon icon Media
  • Transparent information disclosure
  • LX Semicon homepage (frequent / promotional)
  • LX Semicon’s own YouTube, Facebook (frequent / promotional)
  • Sustainability Report (annual / external cooperation)
hexagon icon LocalCommunities
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibility
  • Contribution to communities
  • Donation and service
  • Supporting the future generation growth
  • LX Semicon homepage (frequent / promotional)
  • In-house online bulletin board(frequent / organizational culture)
  • Sustainability Report(annual / external cooperation)
  • Press release (frequent / PR)
hexagon icon SupplyChain
  • Mutual growth through communication
  • Selecting partner companies
  • Supplier risk management and evaluation
  • ESG issues within partner companies
  • Corporate credit rating (annual / purchase)
  • Fair evaluation of partner companies (semi-annual / purchase)
  • ESG evaluation of partner companies (semi-annual / purchase)