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Embedding Safety Management and Safety & Health Culture into Every Corner

Putting our employee safety and health at the heart of our business operations, we have stepped up our safety and health management system, ensured compliance with the Serious Accidents Punishment Act, operated a safety and health system, conducted campaigns to raise awareness, and provided education under the direction of ‘creating a safe and clean work environment.’ In 2022, we obtained the safety and health management system certification. All these efforts combined have reinforced our company-wide safety and health risk management.

Our Safety and Management Policy

With the purpose of solidifying our commitment to safety and health management and presenting consistent safety and health policy, we follow the ISO 45001, based on which our policy has been formulated and disclosed.

Practical Guidance on Safety and Health
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    We comply with safety and health laws and regulations, and seek for continuous improvement.

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    We strive to create a culture of safety where people adhere to the basics, and forge a healthy and safe workplace.

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    We actively educate and train our employees to help them better understand safety and health.

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    All our employees join activities to promote safety and health, thereby fulfilling their responsibilities and duties.

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    We faithfully communicate with stakeholders and transparently disclose our data to discharge our corporate responsibilities.

Safety and Health Organizational Structure

We have selected the issue of safety and health for all stakeholders, including employees and suppliers, as an overarching task, and established an annual plan for safety and health, which is reported to the BOD for approval. And the organization fully responsible for safety and health operates the Occupational Safety and Health Committee attended by employees, managers, and supervisors to deliberate and make decisions on related issues.

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Under the goal of achieving zero safety incidents, we have operated a TF for the management of serious accidents and safety and health-related issues. The TF assumes the roles of strengthening workplace safety, and working with the organization in charge to come up with countermeasures. Its ultimate goal is to constantly refine our safety and health system. Moreover, we have prepared the criteria for supplier safety evaluation to help them sharpen their safety management. Additionally, with the establishment of safety action plans and manual, we have endeavored to safeguard not only our employees’ but also suppliers’ safety and fitness.

Workplace Risk Assessment

As part of the efforts to step up safety and health management across the company, we evaluate our business sites in terms of risks. Risk elements are classified into six groups and defined to be evaluated. And based on the results, a wide range of activities are being carried out to eliminate and prevent risk factors.

Procedures for Risk Assessment

workplace risk image
Risk Assessment Results

A total of 324 employees were surveyed to identify risk and hazard elements within our business sites. Safety and health managers grasped and evaluated the severity of the identified risks based on the survey results and the detailed guidelines on risk assessment. Through the due diligences, we also discovered risk factors, and reviewed the areas of improvement. Finally, a total of 20 risk and hazard factors related to machines & electricity, and work nature and environment were identified.

Precision Safety Diagnosis of Labs

We regularly conduct precision safety diagnosis to identify risk factors to prevent accidents at our labs and take corrective measures for improvement. When there is a grave defect detected, an additional assessment is made, followed by the analysis of root causes. Based on the outcome, corrective measures by risk level are taken within three months. And we also ensure the maintenance of the measures.

Ranking Safety status of lab
1 There are no issues with the lab in terms of safety environment and maintenance
2 Some flaws have been found in the lab’s safety environment and research facilities and improvement needs to be made, but they do not significantly affect safety.
3 Safety violations are identified and the work environment needs to be improved
4 Serious safety violations are identified in research environment or facilities and therefore, they should be restricted.
5 The work environment or facilities should be shut down immediately due to a high risk of accidents and serious safety violation.

We have in place a variety of programs that raise safety and health awareness among our employees and promote health management. As part of the efforts, we carried out an in-house campaign under the theme of safety and health. And we plan diverse activities to promote safety and health for all our employees, thereby raising employee perceptions about safety and health, and embedding the safety-first culture into every corner.

Category Details
Health improvement for employees Cardiac resuscitation training, three major diseases (blood pressure, dyslipidemia, blood sugar), smoking cessation / diet programs
Safety and health awareness improvement Conducting safety and health campaigns (theme: safe right turn, disease prevention, etc.)
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Occupational safety and health training Training hours Hours 24,096 30,072 39,408
No. of participants Persons 1,003 1,253 1,545
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Employee No. of Lost-time injuries Cases 0 0 0
Occupational accident rate % 0 0 0
Partner company No. of Lost-time injuries Cases 0 0 0
Occupational accident rate % 0 0 0