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LX Semicon
Dear esteemed stakeholders,
I am Bo-ik Sohn, CEO of LX Semicon.

In 2022, the business environment faced growing uncertainty stemming from persistent global rising interest rates and a sluggish economy. This led to a slowdown in the TV and IT device markets. Despite these unfavorable circumstances, LX Semicon achieved record sales in 2022, solidifying its stature as Korea’s leading fabless maker. We also diversified our business portfolio to lay the foundation for securing future growth engines. This included constructing a plant for power semiconductor heat dissipation substrate manufacturing and acquiring stakes in local fabless companies.

In terms of ESG management, we made meaningful progress in 2022.

We announced our iron will towards fulfilling our social responsibilities and operating our business in a fair and transparent manner under our ESG vision, ‘Best Technology, Better Future.’ To this end, we established an ESG Committee, composed of the CEO and all independent directors under the Board of Directors, to make informed strategic decisions on ESG matters. Additionally, we published a sustainability report that provided a transparent account of our vision and progress in ESG management, making us the first company to do so.

We have obtained multiple international standard certifications to enhance our ESG management capacity. This includes the recent acquisition of ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems, with the aim of strengthening our safety and health systems and preventing data security risks. Additionally, more of our business sites have been certified with ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems and ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems.

In addition, multifaceted efforts are being made towards full-fledged ESG management, such as the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights and the establishment of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Dear stakeholders, With a firm belief that ESG management is essential for unlocking new opportunities, we will redouble our efforts to advance our ESG management system, and pursue Jeong-do management to ensure transparent and ethical business operations, thereby embedding ESG management into every aspect of what we do.

In the coming years, we are committed to maximizing value for our shareholders and creating a better future for our customers through sustainable competitiveness. We appreciate your continued interest and support on this journey.

Thank you.

LX Semicon CEO

Bo-ik Sohn
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