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As the demand for companies to fulfill their social responsibilities grows, LX Semicon is committed to creating social value in all aspects of our business operations. We plan to establish a social contribution system aligned with our strategies and visions, and carry out various social contribution activities to achieve a higher level of social value.

Direction and Principles

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Support for Future Generations’ Growth

LX Semicon has collaborated with local childcare facilities near our campuses to enhance the living conditions for children. On Children’s Day and national holidays, we have also donated necessary items such as electronics and school supplies to these facilities.

Supporting University Student Scholarships

Since 2019, LX Semicon has been awarding scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in semiconductor design-related fields. The goal is to discover and develop talents in semiconductor design. Through the ‘Korea Semiconductor Design Competition,’ hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, we help to enhance the design skills of students and awards scholarships to teams with innovative ideas. This provides a pathway for talented individuals to enter the semiconductor industry.

Supporting Sports for People with Disabilities

In an effort to promote sports for people with disabilities and expand its foundation, we have provided support to a sports team of disabled athletes. These athletes are members of LX Semicon and receive training and other forms of assistance from us.

Support for Local Communities
Employee Engagement
Payroll Giving

Since April 2018, LX Semicon has implemented a “scrap deduction” program, where employees can choose to donate the change from their monthly salaries that is less than KRW 1,000. The funds raised through this program are used for social contribution activities that reflect the needs and interests of LX Semicon employees.

Employee Campaign (Donation / Awareness Raising)

In 2022, we launched a series of campaigns called ‘Let’s Join ESG Management’ to engage our employees in social contribution activities and raise awareness about ESG. Our first campaign was a ‘Donation Market’ that supported vulnerable communities and promoted resource circulation. Employees donated items for auction, and all proceeds went to local childcare facilities. Our second campaign was a ‘Best N-line Poem Contest’ on the theme of ESG management. Employees submitted poems with diverse ideas about ESG, helping to raise awareness about the importance of ESG management.

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