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Talent Cultivation

At LX Semicon, we value the growth of our employees and offer a variety of educational courses to help them develop their skills. These courses include leadership development, basic skill development based on core values and job position, job training for experts in specific sectors, and enhancement of global capabilities.

  • Leadership skills
    Education for high-potential talents and leaders to sharpen their competency
    • Training for business division heads
    • Leader training (executives,officers, office / team leaders)
    • Coaching program
    • Domestic / overseas degree programs and MBA
  • Basic skills
    Basic competency enhancement education based on LX Semicon’s core values
    • Training for entry-level / experienced employees
    • Training by job position
    • Training for all employees (internalizing core values)
  • Professional skills
    Job training for nurturing experts in each field
    • Professional job training by field
    • Support for in-house learning clubs
  • Global skills
    Education aimed at global talent cultivation
    • Training for FSEs before overseas posting
    • Training for local employees at overseas subsidiaries
    • Language skill courses
Training System
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Sharpening Leadership Skills

To help our employees develop the skills required for their job positions, we offer a variety of education and coaching programs. Our regular education for organizational leaders focuses on leadership skills that improve organizational operations and performance. For junior leaders, we provide training to prepare them for future team leader roles. Additionally, we offer coaching programs for employees who are transitioning to new roles or need strategic development to promote positive behavioral changes and leadership growth.

Building Basic Capacity

LX Semicon offers skill development programs tailored to specific job positions. Our orientation course, designed for both entry-level and experienced employees, helps them understand the organization and smoothly transition into their roles within the company. Education by job position supports our employees in building capacity required to play their roles. And all our employees are trained on core value internalization.

Developing Professional Skills

LX Semicon has established a job training system that is tailored to different fields such as R&D, sales & marketing, and quality. This system offers a variety of training courses that are designed to meet the capabilities and needs of our employees. Additionally, we support our employees in attending external education programs for upskilling through discussions with organizational leaders.

Design Academy Launched

With the objective to nurture a design workforce equipped with practical skills in a systematic manner, we have established a professional education system for design at the company level, and operated a range of educational programs. At the Design Academy, our employees with expertise by sector share their profound knowledge and know-how accumulated through their extensive field experience with trainees. As of now, the academy operates a three-month course for entry-level researchers, focusing on job-based content that helps them grasp their jobs quickly. The current researchers will be provided an advanced course tailored to job titles and fields. By doing so, we will sharpen company-wide design capabilities.

Design Academy for Entry-level Employees
Design common course (2.5 weeks)
  • Circuit theory

  • Semiconductor process / device

  • Development process / design flow

  • Design environment

  • Display structure / system

  • Semiconductor quality and test

Training by field (4.5 weeks)
  • Analog

  • Circuit/Mixed Simulation
    & Verification

  • OP Amp design / verification

  • Reference design / verification

  • Oscillator & PLL

    R-DAC, Level Shift

  • Digital

  • Design Entry

  • Logic Implementation &

  • Post Layout

  • SoC Architecture

Task implementation (5 weeks)
  • Term project

  • Team formation (6~7 People)

  • Display driver IC design (Layout P&R included)

Building Global Capacity

LX Semicon has implemented a variety of programs to help employees improve their global skills as the company expands its business worldwide. These programs include pre-departure training for foreign service employees (FSEs) to help them adapt to their new regions, as well as customized programs for both FSEs and local employees. Language courses are also offered to further enhance their capabilities.

Creating a Continuous Learning Culture

To facilitate learning in the workplace, we support a variety of activities in addition to regular educational courses. We film lectures for new hires and job training and post them on our in-house online learning platform, allowing trainees to access the videos anytime, anywhere. Employees can also voluntarily share their knowledge on specific subjects through in-house learning clubs. Additionally, we operate a bulletin board to keep our employees informed about various educational opportunities such as job training and external academies or seminars.

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Education Status
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Total educational hours Hours 20,874 36,362 42,085
Total educational expenses KRW 100 million 8.7 11.6 18.6
Educational hour per employee Hours 20.3 28.6 26.6
Educational expenses per employee KRW 1,000 848.0 911.9 1,176.5