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LX Semicon established a process-based quality management system to ensure that our customers receive high-quality products and services. By providing top-notch semiconductors, we help our customers maintain the quality of their systems. We are continuously improving our quality management system in all stages, including product design, development, and production, to meet customer needs. We have made continued efforts to establish a quality policy based on the ISO 9001 standard and core values for quality management. We have actively followed the code of conduct for the managers responsible for quality management. We also hold quarterly open communication with our employees to address their needs.

Quality Policy
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Managers Responsible for Quality Management - Managers Making a Creative and Innovative Organization
Code of Conduct for Managers
  • 1. Become a manager who articulates the vision and business direction and mentors them.
  • 2. Become a manager who respects members and communicates candidly based on trust.
  • 3. Become a manager who assumes responsibility for business results based on expertise.
  • 4. Become a manager who takes the lead in everything.
  • 5. Become a manager who combines care for people and passion for work.
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Product Development and Verification Process

LX Semicon conducts preliminary verification activities throughout the entire product development process according to the V-Cycle Development Process, and strives to meet customer requirements through performance and reliability tests.

V-Cycle Development Process
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Quality Management of Partner Companies

We evaluate, approve, and register the process according to the standards agreed upon through rigorous verification of partner companies that produce and ship products. We ensure shipment quality through verifying all products produced and thorough process, product, and quality management. Partner company evaluation is yearly conducted for each supplier by fostering VDA 6.3 auditors, and the auditor conducts an objective assessment based on the ISO 19011 inspection guidelines.

Closed Loop of Quality
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Response to Customer Complaints and Quality Requirements

We make it a priority to quickly address any defects in our products to minimize the impact on our clients. In the event of a quality issue, we track and manage product failure results, and use the data to analyze and implement improvements and preventative measures. As part of our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, we have set up an analysis room to internalize our analysis skills and maintain a database to reduce TAT in case of customer defects. Additionally, we dispatch quality personnel to major countries to stay ahead of potential issues and provide prompt support to our customers.