Action on Climate Change


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Being cognizant that climate change is a grave issue for the global community, we have drawn up the road map for net-zero along with action plans aimed at managing risks posed by climate change in a systematic manner. Based on this, we will work at full capacity to deliver tasks for improvement to minimize our environmental footprint.

Goals and Tasks
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Climate Policy
  • Chapter 1: Overview

    ❶ Purpose

    ❷ Scope of application

  • Chapter 2: Matters to Be Observed

    ❶ Establishment of a response system for net-zero

    ❷ Energy use and GHG emission disclosure

    ❸ Renewable energy sourcing for net-zero

    ❹ Engagement in external activities for net-zero

    ❺ Management of GHGs emitted from the supply chain

  • Chapter 3: Partner companies’ roles and responsibilities

    ❶ Inspection and due diligence criteria

    ❷ Activities for enhancement

    ❸ Establishment of risk mitigation plans and countermeasures


Aiming to voluntarily manage its climate change-relate risks, LX Semicon identifies risks and takes precaution measures based on the cooperation among departments. Furthermore, the board’s ESG Committee deliberates on and makes decisions on climate change-related issues to ensure company-wide responses.

Risk Management
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Roadmap for Net Zero

In line with the 2050 Net Zero driven by the government, LX Semicon has drawn up its roadmap for achieving net-zero by 2050 along with mitigation plans in consideration of its plan to expand business sites and embark on new businesses, followed by the report to the ESG Committee. Starting in 2023, we will redouble our mitigation efforts.

Target Carbon Emissions over Mid- to Long-term Period
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GHG emissions

As a fabless company, LX Semicon emits less carbon and is not required to mitigate emissions. However, we have voluntarily established a GHG inventory system and had our carbon emissions verified by an external agency. In 2022, our emissions increased due to the growth in the number of business sites and employees.

Category Unit 2020 2021 2022 2022 Target
Direct GHG emissions (scope 1) ton CO₂eq 477 528 916
Indirect GHG emissions (scope 2) 3,238 3,052 4,149
Other indirect GHG emissions (scope 3) – commuting - - 220
Total emissions (scope 1+2+3) 3,715 3,580 5,285 4,653
GHG emission intensity ton CO₂eq / KRW million 0.0032 0.0019 0.0025
· Based on Daejeon / Yangjae / Gangnam Campuses
Energy Consumption
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022 2022 Target
Gasoline GJ 1,285 1,648 2,743
Diesel 5 5 3,462
City gas 7,988 8,323 13,976
Electricity 66,676 62,831 86,708
Total energy consumption 75,954 72,807 106,889 93,470
Energy intensity GJ / KRW million 0.0654 0.0383 0.5044