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LX Semicon has in place a range of policies in order to create a culture where all our employees are respected in terms of their autonomy and responsibilities. And we also endeavor to make our culture family-friendly so that all our employees can strike a balance between work and life. With the operation of the Employee Council, every effort is being made to safeguard the rights and interests of employees, such as the creation of a pleasant work environment and the establishment of a safe pay structure. Moreover, we pay close attention to employees leveraging diverse communication channels, and reflect their thoughts and opinions to refine the systems, thereby better satisfying our employees and enhancing productivity.

Employee Composition

To accomplish sustainable growth, LX Semicon has actively adjusted itself to the fast-evolving semiconductor industry, and put promoting employee diversity and securing outstanding talents first.

Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Total no. of employees Total Persons 1,026 1,272 1,581
Male 850 1,029 1,277
Female 176 243 304
Regular Male Persons 838 1,008 1,250
Female 167 229 287
Non regular (contract) Male 12 21 27
Female 9 14 17
Age Below 30 Persons(%) 216(21) 307(24) 456(29)
30 - 49 759(74) 888(70) 1,042(66)
50 or above 51(5) 77(6) 83(5)
Female Employees

LX Semicon has supported capable female talents in unleashing their full potential and growing into leaders. Going forward, we will help female employees continue their career when they are pregnant or giving birth through the well-organized systems and policies, and empower female employees.

Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Total No. of female employees Persons(%) 176(17) 243(19) 304(19)
Female employees in managerial position 6(0.6) 3(0.2) 7(0.4)
Female executives 0(0) 1(0.4) 1(0.1)
Female employees in sales generating departments 0(0) 0(0) 1(0.1)
STEM departments* 0(0) 1(0.4) 1(0.1)
*STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
Employee Diversity

We respect the diversity of our employees across every aspect, such as gender, race, disability, value, experience, and taste. Furthermore, we have refined our systems promoting diversity and respect for different thoughts and experiences, thereby bringing out the best in them.

Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Employees with disabilities Persons(%) 17(2) 21(2) 27(2)
Employees of national merit 4(0.4) 4(0.3) 4(0.3)
Nationality Korea Persons 1,013 1,258 1,567
North America 2 2 2
Asia 11 12 12
Work-Life Balance

In an effort to improve work efficiency and productivity, and promote work-life balance, we have adopted a flexible working hours system and work from home. The flexible working hours is being operated on a four- week basis which allows employees to coordinate their working hours according to their schedules, adhering to 40 working hours a week instead of 8 working hours a day. Furthermore, we put in place a range of family- friendly policies, such as childbirth leave, childcare leave, and shorter working hours. In addition, we operate a workplace daycare center to assist employees in relieving their childcare burdens, and provide financial assistance for their child education, which reduces the burdens of education expenses.

Category Details
Flexible working hours system Four-week basis, selective working hours system operated
Working from home Working from home utilized for maternity protection and the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic
Recommended leave system Usage of leave recommended for holidays interspersed with workdays
(about 18days per year)
Casual Dress Code Casual dress code suitable for TPO operated
Childcare Leave
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Total no. of employees using childcare leave Male Persons 6 6 12
Female 10 10 10
Total no. of employees returning to work after the leave Male 2 6 10
Female 3 6 10
Total no. of employees working for 12 months after the return Male 1 2 3
Female 2 3 2
Rate of employees using childcare leave Male % 33 100 83
Female 30 60 100
Rate of employees working for 12 months after the return Male 50 33 30
Female 67 50 20
Communication with Employees

LX Semicon has operated the CA (Communication Agent) Bureau and the Employee Council comprising the heads of each business unit so as to facilitate the communication between employees and the company, and listen to their voices to reflect their thoughts and grievances in our business operations. The council regularly convenes to pay attention to employees and discuss the ways of addressing their grievances. And it also provides feedback after taking corrective action for improvement. On top of that, we have operated ‘Open Communication’ attended by the CEO and all our employees both online and offline, in which questions raised by employees are answered in real time. Through our bulletin board, various campaigns driven by the CA and main activities are shared with employees while the employees are informed of the company’s news and key progress through the issuance of ‘LX Semicon Newsletter.’ And we provide a wide range of content regarding the trend of semiconductor business and our key business achievements, interviews with employees through SNS platforms such as our website, YouTube channel, Facebook account and blog.

‘The Empathy’,Our In-house Counseling Office

‘The Empathy’ is our in-house counseling office aimed at helping employees deal with their work stress, and address their various concerns over relations with others and family issues through the consultation provided by counseling psychologists.

Re-employment Support Service

LX Semicon provides education (job placement, education on how to get a job, and how to run own business) for those for whom apply. And employees who are aged 50 or above and work more than 1 year are eligible for this service.

Welfare Policies

We have operated a range of welfare policies, such as support for family occasions and disaster relief, financial assistance for medical care and school fees, loans for housing, and other selective welfare benefits. These policies help our employees maintain their fitness and strike a balance between work and life.

Category Details
Health Assistance for medical fees for employees and their family In-house cafeteria (free breakfast, lunch, and dinner served) Health check-up (employees and their spouses)
Life&Family Full financial support for our employees’ children’s tuition fees In-house daycare center
Refresh Support for the purchase of tickets for sporting events (baseball, soccer)
Support for accommodations in resort complexes, the training institute, and condominiums
Growth Support for in-house club activities and in-house learning clubs
Support for language classes and book purchase