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The constant growth of our business has been increasing the number of our employees and business sites, which has a greater impact on the environment. With the emergency of various laws and regulations at home and abroad, we are faced with growing demand and requirements from stakeholders for environmental management. Against this backdrop, we have established strategic directions and a response system for environmental risk management, based on which multifaceted efforts are being made to improve.

Environmental Management Policy

LX Semicon has drawn up and disclosed its environmental management policy in compliance with the ISO 14001 to ensure its abidance by environmental laws and regulations as well as to respond to various environmental issues.

All our employees make all-out efforts to preserve a pleasant and abundant environment by fully understanding our environ- mental policy and engaging in regular communication. The CEO leads by example in fulfilling our company’s social responsibility to motivate all our employees to engage in environment management, and promote transparent environmental management. ❶ Comply with environmental laws and related requirements to operate the organization in a legitimate and appropriate manner
❷ Mitigate energy and resource consumption to become an eco-friendly workplace
❸ Carry out persistent activities for environmental performance enhancement
Mid- to Long-Roadmap

Under the direction of ‘enhance environmental values for future generations’ in environmental management, we have obtained the international standard ISO 14001 at more of our business sites to ramp up our environmental management system. We have also established mid- to long-term goals to further improve our environmental management. By combining all of these efforts, we aim to fulfill our environmental responsibilities and contribute to building a sustainable future.

  • ~2023 arrow image

    Solidify the foundation for environmental management

    Expand the scope of business sites certified by international standards Establish environmental data management indicators
  • ~2025 arrow image

    Embed environmental management into every corner

    Set up targets and conduct environmental impact assessments Raise environmental awareness among employees
  • 2026~ arrow image

    Advance our environmental management

    Carry out various activities for environmental impact mitigation Make investments in eco-friendly facilities and their operation
Policy on Environmental Management
  • Chapter 1: Scope of application

    ❶ Products applicable to the policy

    ❷ Exclusion from application

    Chapter 2: Standards applied

    ❶ Standards applied

    Chapter 3: Definition of terms

    ❶ Terms related to the organization and leadership

    ❷ Terms related to planning

    ❸ Terms related to resources and their operation

    ❹ Terms related to performance evaluation and improvement

  • Chapter 4: Organization status

    ❶ Understanding of the organization and its status

    ❷ Understanding of stakeholders’ needs and expectations

    ❸ Determination of the environ- mental management scope

    ❹ Environmental system and process

    ❺ Relevant documents

    Chapter 5: Leadership

    ❶ Leadership and expression of their will

    ❷ Environmental policy

    ❸ Roles, responsibilities, and authority of the organization

    ❹ Relevant documents

  • Chapter 6: Opportunities

    ❶ Risks and countermeasures

    ❷ Environmental goals and the plans to achieve it

    ❸ Relevant documents

    Chapter 7: Support

    ❶ Support

    ❷ Capacity

    ❸ Awareness

    ❹ Communication

    ❺ Documented information

    ❻ Relevant documents

  • Chapter 8: Operation

    ❶ Planning for operation and management

    ❷ Preparation for emergency situations and responses

    ❸ Relevant documents

    Chapter 9: Performance evaluation

    ❶ Monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation

    ❷ Internal evaluation

    ❸ Management review

    ❹ Relevant documents

    Chapter 10: Enhancement

    ❶ General matters

    ❷ Non-conformity and corrective action

    ❸ Constant enhancement

    ❹ Relevant documents


The board’s ESG Committee is responsible for discussing and making decisions on environmental management matters. The organization fully in charge of environmental management and other relevant departments carry out related tasks. The ESG Working Council collaborates with these departments to carry out the work.

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The organization dedicated to environmental management has developed environmental policies and collaborated with relevant business departments to identify areas for improvement. Our environmental goals and performance are monitored and managed annually. We comply with stricter regulations through our Plan-Do-Check-Act process, which includes internal and external evaluations.

Risk Management

With the purpose of understanding environmental risks and impacts that our operations, design, products, and services have on the environment, we have conducted environmental impact assessments. All our business operations with regard to products and services are subject to the assessments. Through the assessments, we analyze environmental effects of our products and services, such as chemical use, air and water pollution, and soil contamination. We also consider the impact from a business perspective, including compliance with laws and regulations.

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Eco-friendly Activities

LX Semicon held a flogging activity in 2022, attended by 1,600 employees from all LX Semicon business sites, including Gangnam Campus, Yangjae Campus, and Daejeon Campus. Employees took a walk on designated courses around each business site, picked up trash, and carried out environmental cleanup activities such as separate collection. We will continue to strive to discover various eco-friendly activities.

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Category Key activities
External verification for carbon emissions Our carbon emissions verified by a specialized company
Campaigns for raised awareness Conducted the campaign titled ‘Do It Right Now’
Hybrid vehicle operation Run a total of 27 hybrid vehicles (for business purpose)
Commuter bus operation Operated commuter buses 15 times a day on average in Daejeon, Yangjae, Gangnam, and Siheung Campuses
Environmental Education

With the aim of raising awareness of environmental management, such as climate action, among our employees and partner companies, we have provided education. In 2022, as part of our reinforced ESG management, we offered training to our employees and partner companies to help them develop their capabilities required for environmental management. Going forward, we will expand the scope of educational beneficiaries to reach out to more stakeholders and help them sharpen their skills.

Education target Training content Number of people/hour Note
Executives and employees Safety Environment/Supply Chain Manager
  • Environmental Management Trends/Status of Regulations
  • Climate change issues and current status by country
  • Overview of Environmental Initiatives
  • Overview of LX Semicon Environmental Management
4 people
(1 hour per person)
October, 22
Partner Person in charge of related department
  • Major domestic and international ESG trends
  • Domestic and international environmental management trends
  • Overview of domestic and international environmental initiatives
  • LX Semicon Environmental Management Strategy, etc.
10 people
(1 hour per person)
May, 22
Violation of Environmental Laws

LX Semicon strives to comply with environmental laws and regulations at home and abroad. In recent three years, we achieved zero breaches of environmental laws. In the coming years, we will ensure our abidance by all related laws and agreements, and also make all-out efforts to preserve the environment and local communities.

Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Environmental law violation No. of law violations Cases 0 0 0
Fines and penalties KRW 0 0 0