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LX Semicon acknowledges the significance of corporate ethics and social responsibility, making various efforts to establish a sound and transparent management culture. We have established the LX Management Principles and the LX Code of Ethics to ensure that all members and stakeholders comply with them. We also operate a number of Jeong-Do Management programs to practice company-wide corporate ethics.

LX Jeong-Do Management

LX’s Jeong-Do Management refers to LX’s code of conduct to compete fairly and create results by continuously developing capabilities based on ethical management. All employees and stakeholders of LX Semicon make endeavors to become a company that is trusted and respected by all stakeholders by practicing LX Jeong-Do Management through various programs.

  • 투명성
    Ensure transparency based on the principles and standards
  • 공정한 대우
    Fair Treatment
    Provide equal opportunity and treat fairly in every trading
  • 실력을 통한 정당한 경쟁
    Fair Competition through Performance
    Develop competency and compete fairly
LX Code of Ethics

We uphold the free market economic order. As part of our effort, we strive for free and fair competition, and seek common interests with all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation. In order to continuously evolve into a world-class excellent company, all our employees should adhere to the proper behavior and values. As a criterion for judgment, we have established and applied the Code of Ethics.

  • Chapter 1 Responsibilities and Duties to Customers

    ❶ Respecting Customer ❷ Creating Value ❸ Providing Value
  • Chapter 2 Fair Competition

    ❶ Pursuing Free Competition ❷ Complying with Laws and Regulations
  • Chapter 3 Fair Transac-tions

    ❶ Equal Opportunity ❷ Fair Transaction Process ❸ Pursuing Mutual Growth
  • Chapter 4 Basic Ethics for Employee

    ❶ Basic Ethics ❷ Accomplishing Missions ❸ Self Development ❹ Fair Handling of Job ❺ Avoiding Conflict of Interests with the Company
  • Chapter 5 Corporate Responsibilities

    ❶ Respecting Humanity ❷ Fair Treatment ❸ Promoting Creativity
  • Chapter 6 Responsibilities to the Nation &Society

    ❶ Conservation of the Environment ❷ Contributing to Social Development ❸ Protecting Stockholders’ Returns
Organizations Pushing forward Jeong-Do Management

We run a management diagnosis / improvement organization under the CEO to practice ethical management and improve management efficiency and transparency. This organization is actively carrying out on-site support activities to avoid ethical risks at business sites in advance and promote members’ autonomous practice of Jeong-Do Management.

정도경영 추진 조직표
Pledge for Jeong-Do Management Practice

As part of the practice activities to establish a culture of Jeong- Do Management, all our employees have annually pledged to practice Jeong-Do Management. Through the pledge of practice, we take this as an opportunity to pledge to comply with the code of ethics, including anti-corruption laws and regulations that prohibit improper acts such as unreasonable collusion, illegal political subsidy or bribery, and practice of ethical management.

정도경영 실천서약 작성 인원
Jeong-Do Management Training for Employees

We provide all our employees with online and offline education on ethics, such as anti-corruption, ethical standards, sexual harassment prevention, and workplace bullying prevention.

Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Total training hours Hours 293 1,409 2,225
No. of participants Persons 195 939 1,483
Voluntary Practice of Jeong-Do Management

We make a multifaceted efforts to create a culture in which all members voluntarily practice ethical management. For instance, a newsletter is regularly sent to help employees understand Jeong-Do Management and the ways to deal with various situations. In addition, ‘Jeong-Do Management Story’ is posted every month. We are building an environment in which members are not exposed to ethical risks by sharing regulations, systems and procedures through the content.

Bribery Reporting System

Under the Code of Ethics, all members of LX Semicon do not accept money or valuables from stakeholders regardless of the reason. Every year on Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok, the CEO directly sends out a ‘no gift giving or receiving’ notice to employees, suppliers, and business partners, asking them to create a fair trade culture. In the case of receiving money or gifts, they must be courteously refused and returned, and only when return is unfeasible, the item must be reported to the Ethics Bureau. Items received are immediately donated to welfare organizations or proceeds are used for social contribution activities through conducting auctions in the company.

Ethics Hotline Reporting

We operate an online reporting system ( where you can report unfair acts that violate the code of ethics. Reports can be made anonymously, and the received reports are verified through on-site investigations. For the cases where misconduct is confirmed, follow-up measures such as disciplinary action, work process improvement, and Jeong-Do Management training are carried out to ensure a transparent and fair organizational culture.

Informant Protection

Based on the principle of non-disclosure, we rigorously safeguard the identity of the informant, the evidence submitted by the informant, the information gathered pertaining to the report, the matters that may implicate the suspect, and the follow-up actions for the outcomes after the report.

Grievance Handling Channels

All members have the opportunity to report issues related to ethics and human rights (including bullying and sexual harassment) through the ‘Grievance Handling Talk’ and ‘Sexual Harassment / Workplace Bullying Report’ menus within the intranet. We also provide other various reporting channels for offline reports, such as visiting the Ethics Bureau, and sending mails.

Reports and Handling Status
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Violation of the Code of Ethics No. of violations Cases 6 3 2
No. of people violated Persons 7 3 2
Measures against violations of the Code of Ethics Dismissal Cases 0 1 0
Demotion 1 0 1
Suspension from duty 5 2 1
Probation 1 0 0
Reprimand 0 0 0
Others (advice to resign) 0 0 0
Application of Code of Ethics
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Application ratio of the Code of Ethics Employees % 100 100 100
Contractors / Providers / Service providers 100 100 100
Recognition in writing Employees 100 100 100
Contractors / Providers / Service providers 100 100 100

PledgeCompliancewithAnti-corruptionRegulations | Allemployeesannuallysigntheonlinepledgefor‘Anti- Corruption Law Compliance’ to reinforce their ethical commitment and adherence to laws and regulations in the performance of their duties.

RewardforReportingCorruption | Weimplementarewardsystemtoincentivizereportingcorruptions,ensure transparency and accountability, and persist in efforts to prevent corruption that compromises our customers’ value.

Participation in Anti-corruption Pledge | We participated in the ‘Anti-corruption Pledge’ to foster an anti- corruption environment and support the activities of the ‘Business Integrity Society (BIS)’ initiated by the UN Global Compact Korea Association and the Korea Sustainability Investing Forum in 2022.

Evaluations and Violations Concerning Anti-corruption
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
No. of violations of laws Cases 0 0 0
Evaluation of corruption risks Total business sites Numbers 2 2 3
No. of business sites conducting corruption risk evaluations Numbers 2 2 3
Ratio of conducting corruption risk evaluations % 100 100 100